Rap Your Blunt In 6 Steps

Only purchase from a trusted dispensary

Now that marijuana consumption is legal for recreation in many states, and for medical use in many others, you most likely have access to a professional marijuana retail establishment recreational dispensary near me .

Using these regulated dispensaries is much safer than purchasing from an unknown dealer.

Cannabis and cannabis products like edibles and topicals that are sold in legal dispensaries go through many processes that unregulated black market marijuana does not.

Most dispensary products are now subject to testing and labeling that you will not find with an unregistered seller.

You will also not find the same knowledgeable staff if you intend to purchase from an illegal dealer recreational dispensary near me .

With the legalization of marijuana rising in popularity why risk the legal consequences of purchasing a possibly contaminated product?

Feel The Force Of The Blunt: How To Roll In 6 Steps

The biggest, most badass roll-up of them all is the classic homemade cannabis cigar. This one is for the blunt smokers. We’ll guide you through the process so you can handcraft your very own blunts. Get ready to super-size your next session with a fine blunt rolled to perfection. Just in case any newbies happen to be reading this blog, allow us to briefly explain what a blunt is. In ordinary decent stoner terms, a blunt is a weed-packed roll-up that differs from the average joint, because instead of a rolling paper, it’s wrapped in a hollowed-out cigar. Welcome to flavour country recreational dispensary near me .


To craft your very own fine “cannagar”, you need two key ingredients and a couple of tools. Obviously, you need some bud and ideally, you should break it down with a weed grinder. You’ll also need a cigar or cigarillo. And perhaps a sharp knife to cut it open with  recreational dispensary near me

Knife, Bud And Cigar To Roll Blunt



First, you need to open up that cigar. If you have the touch, by all means, go for it by hand. However, for a precision split running through the centre of the cigar from end to end, a sharp pocket knife is preferred. Take care not to tear the cigar apart. Only split the top shell of tobacco leaf recreational dispensary near me .

  • STEP 2: DUMP

Gut the cigar. Remove all the tobacco innards to make room for your marijuana.


Pack that blunt. You really need at least 1g, preferably 2–3g for a nice fat blunt. Try to spread out an even, sticky green stuffing. If you want to add hash or some other gooey concentrates, you should sandwich the extract in flower for an even burn. A concentrated core is not the most efficient way to enjoy extracts, but definitely one of the tastiest.

  • STEP 4: LICK

This is the messy part. A liberal slobber of saliva will be required. There is no choice but to give both sides of the tobacco leaf a good wet lick. It won’t taste pleasant, but it’s unavoidable. Plus, it’s worth it and you’ll soon have a tasty blunt to toke.

  • STEP 5: ROLL

The penultimate step is to roll up that fatty. If you can roll a joint, then you can absolutely roll a blunt. Just be extra gentle with the tobacco leaf. Flip, fold, and done. Also, it’s no harm to add a roach tip like you would for a spliff recreational dispensary near me .

  • STEP 6: SEAL

Remember, it’s just spit holding your blunt together. So you must cook it to make sure it’s sealed shut. Carefully run the flame of a lighter over the blunt exterior. Make sure you keep the flame moving and don’t scorch the tobacco leaf. After a couple of minutes cooking, you’ve got a perfectly finished, classic blunt. Blaze up and enjoy.


Of course, you can just buy a packet of blunt wraps. These are ready to roll right out of the packet and are available in a wide variety of delicious flavours. You can keep it simple and enjoy some juicy blueberry or indulge in some peanut butter and jelly if you fancy. These days, the selection is incredible and they don’t just taste great to lick, the flavour permeates every draw recreational dispensary near me .


Blunts are a king-size dose of THC. Unfortunately, they really are like Darth Vader—all that sticky green goodness is wrapped in a toxic tobacco sleeve. Blunts are certainly not the healthiest way to get high. That being said, a fine blunt is best reserved for a special occasion or a social gathering. A few puffs from a fat blunt can be enjoyed by the whole party like an appetiser recreational dispensary near me .

How well does the business present itself online?

Going to a new website is like meeting a new person. You get a first impression, you get to know them, then, after some time interacting with them, you may make a judgment call about their character or personality. Maybe they’re good for you recreational dispensary near me . Maybe they aren’t.

For us to thoroughly enjoy a company, we need to get to know them a bit. We get the first impression through their website’s loading time, as well as the first images and written content that we see and read marijuana dispensary near me .

We understand their values based on the structure of their website and what type of content they offer. We go through a shopping experience with them and see how we’re treated all the way through check out. But we also ask our friends about their previous experiences with an online weed company.

In this way, we’re taking a multilateral approach when judging online weed companies.

How easy is it to buy and receive the product?

The purchasing process could be included with the online experience, but we believe it goes far beyond that. We’re looking at payment options, shipping costs, return information, and more recreational dispensary near me .

If it’s simple to understand how to buy, how much it’s going to cost, and the buying experience matches what’s presented online, then we’ll find ourselves satisfied. We’ll give bonus points to companies that go above and beyond in any of these regards recreational dispensary near me .

Does the company build a relationship with the customer?

Does the company have a strong social media presence? Are they blogging or podcasting all they can about the online weed industry? Are they genuinely being helpful to their audiences or just promoting their own material? We like to look at how online weed companies are building relationships with the community. When we see genuine attempts to inform and help instead of brazen blustering and heartless self-promotion, we’re more likely to include them in our list recreational dispensary near me .

These questions and more will help us decide the top places to legally buy weed online. Let’s take a closer look at how we made this list before we break down the decisions recreational dispensary near me .

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