Where to buy stiiizy battery near me

where to buy stiiizy battery near me

The SoCal cannabis giant is making waves in the desert.


By now, anyone who fancies him or herself a compatriot of the Arizona cannabis community is familiar with STIIIZY  where to buy stiiizy battery near me , the California-based cannabis company best known around these parts as the creator of those nifty vape pods Shop  and batteries that virtually everyone is packing these days. In particular, STIIIZY pods are as beloved for their complex, terpy flavor profiles as they are for their high potency.

Since arriving on the scene back in 2017, STIIIZY has become an increasingly significant presence in the industry. The company’s facilities now operate across multiple states, and its high-quality products have established a stellar reputation that precedes the brand in every market on which it has set its sights thus far.

Founded in 2017, STIIIZY is the brainchild of a group of friends and co-founders, with Jon Avidor as the newly appointed CEO of the cannabis juggernaut. The brand derives its name from the term steeze, a portmanteau used to indicate the successful marriage of “style” and “ease,” a combination, incidentally, that aptly describes the way in which STIIIZY conducts itself as a leading cannabis brand where to buy stiiizy battery near me .

A culturally relevant brand, STIIIZY is immersed in the creative spaces that intersect with its physical presence. For an example of how attuned to the cultural temperature the outfit is, one need look no further than the brand’s dalliances in the art world, such as the 29-foot commissioned installation by prolific and renowned artist RETNA, which adorns the company’s DTLA storefront.

As a corporate citizen of the communities it inhabits, STIIIZY does a lot to give back. Some of the most notable ways in which the brand has demonstrated this commitment have come in the form of donated time, funds and resources to organizations including Downtown Women’s Center, Sakura Intermediate Care Facility, Watt’s Empowerment Center and the Queen’s Program, among others where to buy stiiizy battery near me .

This heart-driven dedication is evident in virtually every detail of the company’s seed-to-sale process, as well. It’s equally apparent in the work ethic that’s propelled STIIIZY to its rightful place as the number one cannabis cultivator in California, and number three nationwide. While this enviable distinction certainly places STIIIZY in a rare-air market inhabited by few peers, such an achievement does not come easily. The hard-fought path to the top demands dedication, diligence and no small amount of expertise.

With regard to the latter: the entirety of the Multi-State Operator’s grows are overseen by one of the best in the business, Arthur Mazloumian, Senior Director of Cultivation. The captain’s seat from which Arthur manages operations is located within quite a space—a 50,000-square-foot Los Angeles facility that houses a 14,000-square-foot canopy. Specifically, Mazloumian works his wizardry from an area affectionately referred to as the “War Room,” an impressive control center wherein every aspect of the grow process is overseen for all of the company’s 16+ cultivation sites nationwide where to buy stiiizy battery near me .

If you’re thinking that such an undertaking seems overkill for a brand that only sells vape pods, you are correct. Despite the fact that its claim to fame—especially in the Arizona market—has long been its patented vape technology, it might interest some to learn that STIIIZY additionally offers edibles, concentrates and premium indoor flower.

While fans of the brand will undoubtedly be familiar with its tried and trusted strains (Birthday Cake, King Louis XIII, Pineapple Express, Premium Jack, etc.), STIIIZY also recently announced it was expanding its flower line, bringing an increased depth to an already impressive roster of consistently powerful cannabis strains.

STIIIZY began 2022 with the re-launch of its flower, formerly known as LIIIT; a makeover that included a new packaging design, as well as new packaging itself—20-dram tinted glass jars—which are as fashionable as they are environmentally sustainable.

The newly rebranded flower, now known simply as “STIIIZY Premium Indoor Flower,” rolled out four new strains: Blue Razz Slushie, Sunshine, Ghost Face Mintz, and Peach Gelato where to buy stiiizy battery near me .


While STIIIZY’s flagship product has historically been its pods, the brand behind one of the most popular cannabis vapes in the country has grown beyond the confines of the cartridge game, recently dropping its own line of premium prerolls and blunts.

This endeavor is powered by its vertically-integrated cultivation of premium indoor flower strains. The products, sold under the name 40’s, are pre-rolled joints and blunts filled with premium flower that tests upwards of 40% in terms of cannabinoid content. As one might guess, this higher-than-average content percentage equates to a stronger high, and, when combined with STIIIZY’s superior terpene profiles, a tastier smoking experience where to buy stiiizy battery near me .

STIIIZY 40’s Blunts

STIIIZY’s 40’s blunts consist of two grams of premium indoor flower rolled in a 100% tobacco-free, kief dusted hemp wrap, and topped with a glass tip. STIIIZY 40’s blunts are changing the way you get high by being the first to introduce 40%+ total cannabinoids with live resin infusion, all wrapped up and ready to light.

STIIIZY 40s Prerolls

Packed with 0.5-1.0g of high-potency cannabis before being generously coated with kief, STIIIZY’s 40s prerolls are among the most fire prerolls in the game. Using its own patented live resin infusion techniques, STIIIZY has designed each preroll to offer no less than 40% total cannabinoids and a unique flavor profile with every strain where to buy stiiizy battery near me .

All STIIIZY 40’s products are packed with terp-rich, potent indoor flower, resulting in a smooth inhale and tasty exhale, as well as a long-lasting high where to buy stiiizy battery near me .

In an industry where clichés and platitudes are often carelessly ascribed to brands and products that are, perhaps, less than deserving of such praise, it’s a welcome departure from the norm when a brand is encountered whose reputation and mythos live up to the hype where to buy stiiizy battery near me.

Indeed, saying that STIIIZY is setting standards industry-wide might seem like one such cliché, just as descriptors such as “exciting,” “inventive” or “socially conscious” may seem like platitudes when ascribing them to the brand. Nevertheless, rarely are conscientiousness, creativity and ingenuity seen on such a scale as that on which STIIIZY operates.

Put simply, STIIIZY certainly seems to achieve what, according to co-founder James Kim, the three “I’s” the brand’s name represent: “Influence, Inspire, Innovate,” and it does so, one might argue, with relative steeze where can i buy stiiizy pods near me Get original stiiizy Carts at Primevapecarts.com.

STIIIZY Debuts More Eco-Friendly, Recyclable Outerpackaging


According to cannabis brand STIIIZY, they’re the pod market leader in California and the third best-selling brand in the country. As such, they produce a lot of packaging and spent cannabis vaping pods, a realization that inspired STIIIZY to do better by the environment and redesign its packaging to be plastic-free, use less material, and be recyclable.

“This effort is one of many STIIIZY implementations in becoming a green, environmentally conscious company, and sustainability is a mindset we want to bring to all our efforts where to buy stiiizy pods near me , ” says Shryne Group marketing director Jackie Kim in a press release. Shryne Group is the parent holding company of STIIIZY where to buy stiiizy battery near me .

Other changes to STIIIZY packaging include a new inner tray that uses less material, which also allowed an overall reduction in the size of the packaging and the addition of a QR code to direct users to information previously included in a user guide. Moving the child-resistant and tamper-proof mechanisms to the back freed up space in the front for a strain callout, placing the batch labels to the left side so that they can now double as tamper-evident labels as well. Redesigned labels also include a holographic authentication sticker where to buy stiiizy battery near me .

One of the biggest contributors to non-recyclable waste in the cannabis industry comes from disposable vape cartridges and pods, as they often include multiple components from different materials. For its part, STIIIZY runs a collection program for spent batteries and pods at its downtown Los Angeles location and encourages customers to find local metal recyclers if they are outside of the DTLA area where to buy stiiizy battery near me .

New STIIIZY has rolled out, but due to the nature of distribution, customers may still receive products in the older packaging. As such, the brand recommends using Weedmaps to find an authorized distributor.

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where to buy stiiizy battery near me

where to buy stiiizy battery near me

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