Quick Overview

Genetics: Death Star (East Coast Sour Diesel x Sensi Star) X SFV OG Kush
Lineage: Swerve is at it again, taking only the most sought after Chem-influenced genetics and capturing them in seed form. Created by Team Death Star out of the midwest in the early ’00, the strain gained fame and recognition after 2010 High Times cover story. The strain had already made its way to the East Coast and gained massive popularity around 2005. Naturally, Cali Connection Seeds and the head breeder, Swerve, were the first to release genetics by obtaining cuttings and crossing it to the famed San Fernando Valley OG Kush.
How It Grows: Jedi Kush’s strong East Coast Sour Diesel influence is immediately noticeable in veg where the plant quickly roots and grows vigorously. Light lime green sativa dominant hybrid leaves grow quite large quite rapidly. This plant loves to stretch her internodal spacing but takes the growth patterns from her Sensi Star lineage ― growing wide, wide, wide.
She has a tendency to dominate the canopy if not controlled, and performs best with high levels of N deep into flower (through day 20-21). It can then be counted on to produce a sizable volume of medium to large, evenly spaced kolas that prioritize weight and resin production over smell, making her a great choice if stealth is a concern. You’ll need adequate support as her wide structural shape, large internodal spacing and dense, heavy flowers combine with what may be a slightly weaker stem (brought to you by the SFV OG Kush no doubt) that easily bends and snaps stems under the weight of her blooms. Especially after day 50 in flower.

Bag Appeal/Smoke Report: Large raised trichomes ascend from bright green calyxes. They’re white, large and plentiful, and yes, we’re talking about the resin heads. Medium density nuggets still maintain a certain sponginess that makes preparing this medication for smoking simple. Looking quite like a heavy yielding SFV OG Kush, one may expect an explosion of fuel and pine cleaner when opening the bag…but then one would be wrong.The Death Star brings with it completely unique, spicy, hashy, earthy scents of nutmeg and cardamom which explode out of the bag like opening a spice cabinet before instantly giving way to a soft, sweet lemon cream pie smelling finish. A sweet and spicy citrus flavor grabs my attention on the first inhale leading to several successive “sips” on the pipe generously filling my lungs and satisfying my curiosity. The lung expanding OG Kush is so well known for its exhale flavors it reminds me of the key lime pie someone named Fran is serving right now at a country diner.

The Effect: Hold it, did I medicate yet? I dunno, did I? I’d better wait a little first…wait…what? So cerebral I almost couldn’t tell that I had medicated as extensively as I had….almost. Jedi Kush makes reality “more real,” bringing a rushing surge of clarity, awareness and energy so similar to waking from a good nap, it’s hard to remember that it’s Cannabis. This strain is most certainly a creeper, taking it’s full effect only after 10 or so minutes. Unlike many other creeper-style effects , there is no lethargy, there is no fatigue. Jedi Kush is the like the host of an infomercial for your mind and you can’t shut it off.
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